Saturday, June 26, 2010


Scotty is putting on the 2nd Annual Summer Fest out at Pump One on the Mad River. We're bringing out the mini ramp so there's gonna be beers, bands, babes, and boarding! Come kick it and support out ongoing fund raising for McKinleyville Skatepark and Arcata Phase 2.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The fine folks who are promoting and organizing premieres for MACHOTAILDROP(the hilariously fantastical new canadian indy film featuring radical skateboarders) hooked us up and we are doing a MACHOTAILDROP premiere/phase 2 benefit at the Arcata Theatre Lounge on JULY 2nd!
Doors at 8, movie at 9.

First post.

Hey hey! Here we are, on the interweb. This is the official Arcata Skatepark Phase 2 web blog thing. Events will be updated and maybe we will post some sweet photos and footage. If you have any questions or want to donate shoot an email, or just go to AMPT.